Next generation affiliate marketing software.

Utm6 is the first « affiliate marketing software » for Google Analytics
Launch your performance marketing program in 5 mins, just with a Google Connect! No-dev required.
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For advertisers

Boost your conversions by managing your Media Partners in-house.

Increase your SEO with 100% clean affiliates backlinks.

Fairly reward your top-of-the-funnel affiliates.

For Media Partners

Make more money by working directly with advertisers.

Earn commissions for all your contributions.

Improve your performance with comprehensive reports (source / medium, products, creatives...).

For agencies

In-house affiliate marketing is the future, and an opportunity for agencies to develop a unique expertise.

Invite your team and manage all your clients in the same place.

Boost your conversions with Performance Marketing

All marketing channels play a different role, and need each others to convert your prospects.
However, the affiliate marketing industry still relies on outdated technologies and only reward the "last-click".

Utm6 puts your Media Partners trafic in a multi-channel attribution context, and helps you paying a fair commission for every contributions.
Your top-of-the-funnel affiliates will finally be rewarded for their hard work!

Google Connect
Launch your program in 5 mins, no dev required.
SEO affiliate backlinks
Boost your SEO with 100% clean affiliate backlinks.
Attribution models
Measure the real performance of your Media Partners.
Full conversion path
Understand the customer's journey for every conversion.
Commission splitting
Fairly reward all your Media Partners for their contributions.
Your own network
Deal with your Media Partners in house and own your network.
Utm6 automatically converts your programs currencies with the daily rate.
CDN assets
Your creatives are served globally through the Google content delivery network.
Media Partners access
Reports, creatives, payments... everything is there!
Custom payouts
Customize your affiliates payouts to your needs, with groups, tiers etc...
Unlimited traffic
Thanks to the Google Analytics Connect, utm6 doesn't charge for your trafic.
The whole platform is built upon an API, and you can use it too.
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