About utm6
Multi-channel attribution for everyone

Digital marketers know that their customers go through many channels before converting, but still use the outdated "last-click" attribution model to measure their performances.

The main reason? Multi-channel attribution softwares are crazy expensive!

Utm6 was born the exact second our CEO Pierre Bazoge discovered that the Google Analytics API could provide all the data required to analyze the whole conversion path of every transactions.

Connecting to the Google Analytics API allows utm6 to make multi-channel attribution accessible to everyone; as the expensive data collection is handled by Google.

Wait, what this has to do with affiliate marketing?

Performance marketing (= affiliate marketing) is the acquisition channel having the highest ROI, but is actually in a deep crisis because of attribution. The best media partners (bloggers, influencers...) who are driving customers at the begining of the conversion funnel don't get properly rewarded with the "last-click" attribution model.

We believe multi-touch attribution will fix affiliate marketing.

The founders

Pierre Bazoge
Pierre Bazoge

DevOps & experienced SaaS entrepreneur.

Created a multi-channel notification API notifuse.com in 2016.

Sold an affiliate marketing software affilae.com in 2015.

Sold a niche social network airsoft-project.com in 2012.

Tom Guillemin
Tom Guillemin

Electronic & computer science engineer from Polytech Paris.

Entrepreneurship master degree from Paris-Dauphine (Major).

Early employee in fintech startup Payplug until 2015.

Digital marketing consultant since 2016.